Updating apache mod perl

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Updating apache mod perl

The default version of perl depends on which version of Ubuntu you're using. Installing from source (into an area like /opt or /usr/local) is probably the best way to go.

Or else upgrade Ubuntu until you get a version that comes with the perl you want!

You need a working apache on your SVN server and you must install some modules at least mod_dav_svn, mod_perl2, DBI and DBD::mysql (or the DBD driver for you database as it should work on allmost all databases).

On Debian/ubuntu you can do : If the repositories are not created automatically by reposman.rb, it is important that the repository name is the same as the project identifier in Redmine, otherwise will fail to authenticate users.

Apache will recompile scripts whenever the file is updated on disk.

If Apache calls you wrapper script, but the wrapper script was not updated, then Apache does not recompile the script even though you uploaded a new copy of the main script.

On the other hand it does boost performance # a lot!

/usr/bin/perl # - Called each time Apache is launched or restarted.

This is why you need to set the modification date of all the wrapper scripts.

I think there still are problems using Oddmuse in a mod_perl environment.

It already has a working CGI setup and as a first step I want to have both CGI and mod_perl available.

I modified my /etc/apache2/sites-available/and added the What went wrong?

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Limit XMLRequest Body 0 # Only check Authentication for root path, nor again for recursive # folder.

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