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Transudates and exudates are two different types of fluids that are secereted in body in reaction to different pathologies. Exudates are produced by a variety of inflammatory conditions and often require more extensive evaluation and treatment than transudates.

Transudates result from an imbalance in oncotic and hydrostatic pressures. The serous body cavities surrounding the lungs, heart and abdomen normally contain a small amount of fluid.

It is thin and watery and contains few blood cells or other large proteins. Any fluid (solvent and solute) that has passed through a presumably normal membrane, such as the capillary wall, as a result of unbalanced hydrostatic and osmotic forces; characteristically low in protein unless there has been secondary concentration. fluid that has passed through a normal membrane as a result of imbalanced hydrostatic/onchotic (osmotic) pressures, e.g.

process of oedema formation as part of acute inflammation (inflammatory exudate accumulates as net result of onchotic pressure exerted by plasma proteins that have escaped from local vessels into surrounding tissue spaces)a fluid substance that has passed through a membrane or has been extruded from a tissue; in contrast to an exudate, a transudate is characterized by high fluidity and a low content of protein, cells or solid matter derived from cells.

Excess fluid is normally removed by the lymphatic system.

In case there is an imbalance between fluid production and reabsorption, excess fluid may accumulate, resulting in an . Pleural effusion is excess fluid that accumulates in the pleural cavity, the fluid-filled space that surrounds the lungs.

Our hypothesis were (1) Acquisition of a new strain of M.Their main role in nature is to protect elements of the skin and other subcutaneous substances against the contact effects of external climate and the environment and other substances – it also plays a role in integumental hygiene.The most common causes of pathologic transudate include conditions that : Exudate – extravascular fluid due to vessel alteration during inflammation (increased permeability, vascular constriction then dilation).catarrhalis in COPD increases airway inflammation from baseline and alters the protease-antiprotease balance towards a more proteolytic environment; (2) These changes are greater during exacerbations associated with , and 76 acquisition samples (34 were associated with exacerbation, 42 with colonization) were analyzed for IL-8, TNF-α, Neutrophil Elastase (NE) and Secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor (SLPI).Changes were compared in paired samples from each patient.


Voiceover: So when we get into talking about plural effusions, that fluid that's accumulating in the actual plural space, is either a transudate or an exudate, and that can be a really confusing idea to try and wrap your head around, so let's write this just over here in the corner.

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