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In August 2008, when Russia invaded Georgia, then-Sen.

Obama produced a very weak response, calling on “all sides” to refrain from violence.

The auction house said the family decided to sell it after seeing a similar piece in a Sotheby’s advertisement. The 42-centimetre-high vase, crafted between 17, was estimated to have a value of ,000 to ,000 but the winning bidder from Hong Kong obviously prized it far more highly.

Sobranie produces several styles geared specifically for ladies, some slimmer than standard cigarettes and others brightly coloured.“We have seen and have copies of transcripts of calls between Kushner, Bannon and high level Russian officials,” Taylor wrote.“At the least, those two committed treason, and it’s hard to believe Trump wasn’t part of it.” Taylor’s tweet went viral, garnering thousands of likes and re-tweets and spawning further conspiracy theories that Donald Trump’s recent attacks on CNN could be a preemptive attack before the information is released.The investigation into the alleged collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russian officials has grown considerably in recent weeks, with reports that Kushner has become a person of interest as the investigation reaches Trump’s inner circle.While there have been rumors of connections between Trump’s campaign and Russia dating back to even before the 2016 election, there has not yet been solid evidence connecting Trump or those within his inner circle to Russia.

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