Power vision accommodating iol

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Power vision accommodating iol

He noticed that it was well tolerated and realized that plastic lens implants of the same material could be formed for eye lens replacement after cataract surgery.

The original IOLs where made of rigid PMMA (plastic).

Since the lens is monofocal, the light can only be bent to one focus point at a time.

With monofocal IOLs, the light is bent by the lens so that it will form a focus point on the retina of the eye.

After your cataract is removed, your ophthalmologist will implant a replacement lens often called a cataract lens.

During WWII, Sir Harold Ridley, was caring for a pilot with a small piece of a plane’s PMMA plastic windshield forced inside his eye.Most patients choosing a monofocal lens choose to have good distance focus, and use reading glasses to help with near vision tasks.There are several positive features of monofocal intraocular lenses (IOLs).First, the latest generation of monofocal IOLs, which employ aspheric lens technology, offer the sharpest image of any available IOL.Examples of aspheric IOLs are the Tecnis™ IOL, the Acry Soft IQ™ IOL and the Sofport™ IOL.

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AO IOL delivers an active range of vision, excellent contrast sensitivity, and minimized issues with halos and glare across a range of vision that includes functional near, intermediate, and distance vision.

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