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Zowel voor heterorelaties als gay of lesbische relaties.

U bepaalt zelf hoe breed of hoe smal u zoekt en met wie u wel of geen contact wil leggen.

If you really want to thank a high-achiever, give them a raise, or a bonus, or.. But the amazon employee half-life is about 18 months, so it isn't just me who thinks it sucks to work there.

The one time I was dumb enough to go to the amazon all-company meeting instead of treating it as a free sleep-in day, I saw Bezos give a shoe to a guy. Why would a smart company spend money on employee "awards" -- that helps nobody except the people from whom you bought the awards?

And I was like, "this guy builds spaceships, and he gives out stinky old tennis shoes to high achievers? Real high-achievers at Amazon are rewarded when the company does well, and with the stock at ~ I know they are feeling pretty good. A low achiever would more likely resent this and leave for somewhere else, and the fact that they worked at Amazon likely helped in this job search as I am sure it did in your case.

Miss Black General is a villainous executive of RX, a secret organization bent on world-domination.

Unfortunately, Miss Black General also has a huge crush on Brave Man, a costumed superhero dedicated to foiling RX's evil schemes, and she often mistakes his violent heroics as an overly enthusiastic form of flirtation.

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