Inoue mao and matsumoto jun dating 2016 www datingherdaddy com

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Inoue mao and matsumoto jun dating 2016

And the ones who don’t have probably already lost their minds, so whatever.

There was a scandal with Ohno too and that one is also LOL. Bunshun is a very reliable magazine in Japan apparently. But for the most part, all I saw was pics of a woman standing by herself, and Jun drinking coffee in that ugly ass outfit. Maybe finally they can confirm if he ever was in a relationship with Mao (i ship it).They're closing Kouhaku this year so I'm assuming that's why there's gossip It's real guys... Btw, some funny nicknames for him given from Japanese people, Guess Jun, stingy Jun, Ass Jun, Av Jun, etc. Not to mention, he ruined Arashi's already sinking reputation too. He has been cheating on Mao for 4 years with this actress and they will obviously leak other pictures and evidence if Johnny's denies it. The DV allegations were ridiculous though but did it come from Bunshun?Bunshun is a very reliable magazine in Japan apparently. Mao and Jun were apparently going to announce marriage next month too... I thought that one was from Cyzo or some other tabloids trying to cash in on the evil-MJ bandwagon. So far all I saw was Jun at 7/11 buying coffee and getting ambushed with questions.Setting aside their top star status, just by doing Hana Yori Dango together and becoming a public darling onscreen couple makes the fan and media eagerness for them to go public soon very understandable.Last year’s wedding chatter was on Inoue Mao wanting to get married before she started the year long filming for the 2015 Taiga Hana Moyu (花燃ゆ Burning Flower), but reportedly the schedule didn’t work out and Matsu Jun’s agency Johnny & Associates was still having heartburn with him getting married while Arashi remains the top male idol group in Japan even 15 years in.

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Mao stepped back from acting to concentrate on her studies.