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Hibernate manytoone not updating

This example explains you how to map the many to one relationship with hibernate.To map the entities with many to one relationship in hibernate, we need to define the association between those entities.In this tutorial, we are going to implement many to one mapping in hibernate.

Directionality: It represents the allowable way to navigate from one entity to another e.g.We kicked off our hunt for JPA implementation patterns with the Data Access Object pattern and continued with the discussion of how to manage bidirectional associations.This week we touch upon a subject that may seem trivial at first: how to save an entity..I found [1], and it said something like that it working now with recent versions.And, like said at [2], when I delete mapped By, it makes intersection entity (dept_employee). Codes that I will mention later are easy to find in these files: ,703 DEBUG [org.hibernate.

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SQL] (default task-2) select nextval ('hibernate_sequence') ,704 DEBUG [org.hibernate.

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