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The term derives from the Hebrew word "sheketz", meaning the flesh of an animal deemed taboo by the Torah.

Since a Jewish man marrying a non-Jewish woman is taboo also, this word applies to her.

Why does this one mitzvah count more than the others?

For the sake of full disclosure, I’ll admit right now that I have a visceral reaction to intermarriage. Although she did not raise us with too much observance, marrying Jewish was something she drilled into my sisters’ and my heads.

And sure, it’s a mitzvah to not intermarry, but it’s not like this guy is observing so many mitzvos anyway if he were willing to marry her.

Specifically, there is a period of practice and training that many JYAs undergo to develop sexual experience.

What demarcates this practice stage of debauchery is that JYAs seek out sexual experiences with Non-Jews.

She respects his religion and wants to convert in order to be able to marry him under a chuppah. Now, she may start out wanting to convert in order to be with someone.

But as she goes through the process of learning about Judaism she may genuinely come to accept the Jewish Covenant and decide to follow all the commandments.

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There is no shortage of documented cases of Jewish Young Adults settling into adult relationships with their conventional neurotic peers, even while wishing they were partnered with Non-Stereotypical Jews.

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