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I pack well to ensure that items This Square Spirit Decanter and Tumbler set is perfect for decanting Scotch or Irish whiskey or fine American bourbon. Characterized by boldly cut designs and a perfect polished finish, the Decanter Sets by Royal Doulton are the perfect vessels to store and serve your finest liqueurs. The base is slatted, and the sides are smoothened to perfection. This gorgeous 19th Century Teak Wood artefact has been made to depict a soldier at arms.The figure has adjustable joints and knees, and its position may be altered. This extremely rare bobble-head figure was traditionally used in homes as a benevolent godmother. This Kavadi is about 85 years old and one of a kind wood panel hand carved by the wood artists of South India.

Doulton and Company of England was founded in 1853.Royal Doulton also made ware, a thin porcelain in pastel colors that was made from about 1915 until the early 1930s.In 2005 Royal Doulton was acquired by the Waterford Wedgwood Group, which was bought by KPS Capital Partners of New York in 2009 and became part of WWRD Holdings.Embellished with jade and red mosaic stone work, and cast in brass, the detail is what makes this article special. Take a sail back to the medieval days with the glow of this simple nautical ship lantern.Made for the Port sides of the ship, it is set in copper with red stained glass fresnel lenses. This collapsable prayer book holder, used traditionally either for The Bible or the Bhagvad Gita, is solid wood.

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