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“The extent of the tissue healing around this craniotomy site suggests that she lived at least one month after the craniotomy was done,” Emanuela Binello of Boston University School of Medicine told Smithsonian.She is a neurosurgeon and a senior author of an article in which reviews scientific literature on trepanation.

“Archaeological evidence has dated the practice back much farther in places like ancient America and Africa, and a recent dig by a Polish archaeologist claimed to have found a 7,000-year-old case in Sudan,” says Smithsonian.The remains had been excavated in 2005 after discovery in the 1930s.It dates to about 1615 BC and is in the Xingjiang Uygur region.The new law is touted to reach beyond the battle against international espionage, but also covers a wide range of topics, including defense, finance, technology, as well as China’s assets and activities in outer space, deep sea and polar regions.Beijing-based CCTV News quoted Chinese President Xi Jinping saying that “national security is not a far-fetching issue for ordinary people, and that everyone should be mobilized to safeguard it”.

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Hong Kong’s Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) has apologised after it removed the dating systems used by the Republic of China (ROC) – Taiwan’s government – from old newspaper clippings at a music exhibition.

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