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if you don’t believe us, then so be it but arguing with us about it will get you no where besides ignored or mocked. we don’t know anymore than you do about their relationship status. NOEL: noel is in fact not about lisa, she has stated on her blog once upon a time.

This is a story of loss and a family trying to hold on to what they still have left. he also went into detail a little detail about what happened with his brother, please read this interview. jack has a older sister, may, as well as an older brother named joe. COFFEESHOP SOUNDTRACK: about a time where alex had a relationship with a married lady. she is holly madison’s assistant/bff/ect kind of thing. alex confirmed on twitter that his brother’s name is thomas gaskarth. no, he does not have a brother has everyone seems to believe. alex has said in THIS interview at the mark that vegas and remembering sunday are about the same girl. “You waste your money on the dumbest shit.” He murmured under his breath hoping Calum didn’t hear him.But alas the other man did as he shoved Michael roughly in the chest before grabbing his coffee cup and exiting the shop leaving Michael dumbfounded.

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Jack is abused on a daily basis and tries to hide it from Alex who soon finds out.

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