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Posted by / 18-Jul-2018 15:06

People have been making videos for You Tube for a while now but it’s only been in the last several years that this medium has become a bonafide career path in the form of full-time vloggers.Short for “video blogs”, vlogs have become extremely popular in recent years.If you fancy turning yourself into an alien or Santa Claus while video calling then Cyber Link You Cam is probably for you.

You can also download unlimited, FREE webcam effects from Director Zone.You can apply a wide range of filters, effects and enhancements which do also work on webcams, but will be more useful and effective when used out and about with a tablet.Besides the fun part, Cyber Link You Cam also includes a video surveillance utility that can help you keep control of your property without spending a fortune on a surveillance system.For that added touch or realism, they can be shaken or brushed away just as you would do if they were real.Cyberlink You Cam magically conjures virtual objects the screen in real time.

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AR Effect for Line only works with the rear-facing camera, but AR Effect works for both.