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Are matt cardle and rebecca dating

She looks unambiguously downcast, and with good reason.

The song is not a happy one."Do whatever you gotta do so you can feel like you're winning on me," she sings.

Standing on stage at Under the Bridge, a small west London music venue, Rebecca Ferguson looks at once nervous and in consummate control as she leads an enthusiastic crowd through her hour-long set.

The sweet smile she offers up, however, is often at odds with the songs she is singing.

He made girls swoon with his stunning voice and nice guy demeanour during the X Factor.

So, after that winning formula secured him last year's X Factor crown, it is little wonder that record label bosses would be keen to keep Matt Cardle looking available.

It will be released when it is finished in the way that I want it to be.“Although, it’s taken a while to do but I have been out on the road in the meantime and one of the joys of the process is getting to road-test the new material.

I have said, in the past, the way to record an album is to write it, tour it, find out everything you can about the new songs, what works, what doesn’t, what needs changing and then go into the studio and record it.“I can guarantee you that would be a better album than the way that albums are currently made.

I have deliberately been taking my time because I did three albums in three years and whether it was right to do so many so quickly is questionable.“I stand by them, I am proud of them.I am proud of what I did but what I didn’t realise at the time is because I am an artist, I don’t always have to be putting stuff out there.I know now that the time to put out new material is when it is right, when it is ready.“I am finally doing something that I think is right and will soon be ready."You won't take the freedom out of my life."At its conclusion, with applause rushing up to greet her, the smile, beatific now, returns."Ah, thank yis," she says in her thick Scouse accent.

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In an overblown, overlong final showdown – punctuated with incessant exhortations to download the performances and call the voting lines, not to mention countless ad breaks raking in a rumoured £500,000 per minute – Cardle was crowned the singing contest’s seventh winner, amid a frenzy of dry ice, fireworks, glittery confetti and all the tearful talk of “journeys” that’s become a reality TV cliché.

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