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Alicia Keys was born in 25th January in the year of 1981 in New York City in U. Her mother was an actress who played in films and she was also a paralegal while her father was a flight attendant.

She was first seen in The Cosby Show in her early age of 4.

She was supported by her mother to take classes of piano and dance.

Childhood She did not celebrate her childhood much.

I am disappointed that some have chosen to try and tarnish Alicia’s reputation by irresponsibly implicating her in a situation that she has absolutely nothing to do with.” Did the battery run low on the recorder? Swizz could have just as well said nothing and kept it shuffling. I don’t even know that they’ve ever reported the rumor. This past June, Swizz gave MTV a more forceful answer.

If you notice, he didn’t deny that they are dating.

Over the last few months Mediafakedyouout has posted rumors that Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are secretly dating.

In fact the NY Post’s Page Six once ‘spotted’ them having lunch in Los Angeles. You start commenting on that sh-t, then they start twisting it out.

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With these stories circulating Alicia Keys is being labeled a homewrecker by many women in blog world and it’s gaining momentum.

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