Aircrew dating

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Aircrew dating

In September RAF Bomber Command night raids disrupted the German preparation of converted barges, and the Luftwaffe failure to overwhelm the RAF forced Hitler to postpone and eventually cancel Operation Sea Lion.

Nazi Germany proved unable to sustain daylight raids, but their continued night-bombing operations on Britain became known as the Blitz.

The Battle of Britain (German: die Luftschlacht um England, literally "the air battle for England") was a military campaign of the Second World War when the Royal Air Force (RAF) defended the United Kingdom (UK) against the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) attacks from the end of June 1940.

It is described as the first major campaign fought entirely by air forces.

On 1 August, the Luftwaffe was directed As the battle progressed, the Luftwaffe also targeted factories involved in aircraft production and strategic infrastructure.

Eventually it employed terror bombing on areas of political significance and on civilians.

These pilots were qualified both in Israel and overseas and still undergo frequent special training simulators on each and every one of the jets they operate, in order to gain experience and to improve flight safety.

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The team of ”Aviation Bridge” includes eight full-time pilots, including Zvi Dannenberg, the company owner and chief pilot, available around the clock, 24/7.

To reach the workers, the team had to fly to Chile, before flying to the Rothera research station, located on the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

From Rothera the team flew to the Amundsen-Scott station, located roughly 2,400 kilometres away.

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When asked how many of them would participate in a similar mission again, all of them raised their hand without any hesitation.