Afghani sex

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Afghani sex

A government watchdog agency called on the Pentagon on Tuesday to declassify a report alleging the sex abuse of children by Afghan security forces. SIGAR has requested that DOD declassify the report so that it can be released to the public," the SIGAR statement said. In one incident that became the subject of congressional debate in 2015, the Army moved to discharge Special Forces Sgt.

Hundreds of such outposts of the Afghan Local Police (ALP), a front-line force armed and funded with U. taxpayer dollars, and other pro-government militias are believed to have enslaved young boys for dancing and sexual companionship, many of them kidnapped. I reported last year how the Taliban are exploiting entrenched bacha bazi to infiltrate Afghan security ranks, effectively using child sex slaves — many of them brutally abused and hungry for revenge — as Trojan Horses to mount deadly insider attacks. The request is noted in the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction's latest quarterly report, which also says that violence has increased by 21 percent since March 1 and that revenues produced by the country's opium crop doubled between 20, topping more than billion. government's Afghanistan watchdog has asked the Pentagon to declassify a report about alleged sexual abuse of children by members of the Afghan security forces.The Army later issued a statement saying, "Out of respect for Chairman Thornberry's continued strong support for our military, and his personal appeal, Secretary Mc Hugh has agreed to postpone Sgt. First Class Martland's discharge from the Army for 60 days to allow him to file an appeal with the Army Board for the Correction of Military Records." The New York Times reported that in 2011 Martland and Special Forces Capt.

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